Romantic Deception The Six Signs He's Lying

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Darlene E Adams in Mountain Home MagazineEver get the feeling your spouse or lover is hiding something? Welcome to the world of Romantic Deception. Sayre’s Darlene E. Adams guides the unlucky-in-love around romantic pitfalls in the February 2011 issue of Mountain Home.

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Fab Over Fifty features Darlene AdamsLooking for long lost friend? The popular blog, Fab Over Fifty, recently posted an article offering tips for how individuals can find long lost friends. Darlene E. Adams, owner of, offers her tips along with Norma Tillman, private investigator and author of How to Find Almost Anyone.

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The authors of Romantic Deception: The Six Signs He's Lying, Dr. Sally Caldwell and Darlene E. Adams, joined Date Smarter Not Harder radio host Deborrah Cooper on March 5, 2011 to discuss deception in intimate relationships and the deceptive behaviors men display towards single women, and how a woman might recognize (early!) the signs that her new partner is not being honest.

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“This book will scare you. The case studies that Dr. Caldwell uses to explain how women get involved with Romantic Liars are real eye-openers. Instead of just dismissing deceptive relationships as mistakes on the part of the woman, Caldwell shows how our society provides a perfect basis for deception. In fact, one of the most valuable aspects of Caldwell's work is that she doesn't blame the victim.”

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